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Top 5 Dessert Recipes For Any Occasion

The other day during the preparations of a small friendly party I was running out of time but thought had it under control. Alas I realized, the dessert was still to be thought of and prepared. I wasn’t even sure if I will have all the ingredients available in hand.

Common happening, isn’t it? In a wonderful preparation of home parties its just a common scenario to miss on thinking about the cherry on the cake; the Dessert!! Just to make sure this doesn’t happen with you again, we have hand picked a few of the tastiest and all occasions fitting desserts list. Whats more is that the recipes are available for you to directly use as is. So without any more wasting of time, here are the top 5 dessert recipes for any occasion.

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5. Green Moong Dal Laddoo (Diabetic Friendly)

We needed to make sure we have kept everybody in mind, so to start we list down a dish that is both healthy and diabetic friendly. Your health conscious friends as well as the ones that may be troubled by the sucrose in their blood wont feel left out of the party. And you may get to see an extra wide smile on their face the next time you see them in that grocery store 🙂

Green Moong Daal Laddoo

4. Mango Vanilla Cake

Cakes are always the attractions no matter the size of the party. And the good news is that they can be prepared in quick time. The cream of this cake will melt in your mouth.

Don’t worry about the fruit name in the headline thinking this is a seasonal dessert item. Even if you can’t get the mangoes from that cold storage store near you, you can always substitute any seasonal fruit in place of the mangoes I used here. My favourites are Oranges, Strawberries. Pick anything that you think will be tastier ever. A handy tip would be to suggest a fruit that may seem fitting to the party theme.

Mango Vanilla Cake

3. Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Pudding)

We surely couldn’t have left this one out of the list. Our number 3 item on menu, sitting right in the middle of the top 5 dessert recipes list is a very famous sweetish that you normally find in the winters in India. Carrot pudding or gajar ka halwa is a very famous treat that you find not only on festive but normal days as well during this season. Just the look of it platted with some cashews and raisins is just heavens in winters. If you think I have exaggerated a bit, go on and try it. I will be all ears to your comments 🙂

Gajar Ka Halwa - Carrot Pudding

2. Donuts

My 2 yr daughter is not fond of sweet items. She kind of hates them. But the moment there is a talk of donuts she is the first one to raise a hand in anticipation of a quick notice. Donuts are just the items you could have for a heavy as well as lighter composition of ingredients. Keeping the taste the same you could have either variety of chocolate filled inside, what my husband calls as Choco Glaciers, or you can have the normal ones that are lighter on your stomach as well.

Eggless Donuts

1. Choco Lava Cake

At the top of our list is really opposite to the size of the dish. Molten Chocolate Lava Cake gets prepared in no time at all, as the recipe on our site will agree. The subtle nature of the baking will just leave enough of the inside molten to keep you interested in how much and where. The molten chocolate will be right at the center of this masterpiece. All the hard work will come true when it comes to your mouth and just…melts !!

Chocolate Lava Cake

So, what do you think ?

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