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My Kid Doesn’t Like Food – How About Yours?

My Kid Doesn’t Like Food – How About Yours?

“My Kid Doesn’t like food, s/he just hates it!!” Common problem right? Have trouble with your kids running away from food? Well, that seems to be quite a common problem these days with kids. Be rest assured that you are not alone. Here are some ideas on FlavourBasket Kids, our new YouTube channel by Kids. Where kids will not only provide ideas to the parents but also to the kids themselves to see how to turn some not-so-good food to their liking.

On FlavourBasket Kids channel, which is a channel dedicated to kids enjoyment whether its food or the fun they do; you will see how kids dictates what they like. In fact watch them tell you how they can turn your food items that they don’t like to some wonderful recipes. Have your kids watch them and maybe they will start to create some of their own creations with food.

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