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Sabudana Tikki-Navratri Recipe

For Navratri recipes we introduced our first menu item in Sabudana Khichdi; both text and video recipes. This time around we come to you with another Sabudana (Sago) recipe; Sabudana Tikki (Sago cutlets). Both the Khichdi and this Sabudana Tikki are very nice when served with Yogurt. We prepare the Tikki by mixing the Sago […]


Sabudana Khichdi-Navratri Recipe

Navratri is always a very special fasting period. Not just because of the auspicious nature of these days but also because of the feelings involved, we thought to create a menu just apt for the occasion. Sabudana Khichdi (Sago cooked with potatoes) are the first in line. We hope you will like this recipe for […]


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