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Potli Samosa

POTLI SAMOSA…A different and unique variation of samosa,It has a crispy texture outside and delicious and spicy filling inside, These are so much perfect for your any get-together as it has a shape like a little potli which is very easy to make and your guests definitely gonna love these little potli samosas. Why not […]


Pyaz Ki Kachori – Cuisine of Rajasthan

Pyaz ki Kachori……originated in jodhpur and popular throughout Rajasthan is a spicy and savoury pastry, filled with onion and seasoned with some hot masala to give it a tangy taste. Order this recipe online on Flavour Basket shop In last 2 3 months, I had some trips to Dholpur, city in eastern part of Rajasthan, where I […]


Instant Jalebi Recipe

Instant Jalebi…A quick and tasty version recipe of Indian traditional dessert Jalebi is here to tickle your taste buds, make it at home with no hassle and in no time, finely made with a batter and dipped into a hot sugar syrup.   Instant Jalebi is now definitely in my menu for this festive season as Rakshbandhan is around […]


Sabudana Tikki-Navratri Recipe

For Navratri recipes we introduced our first menu item in Sabudana Khichdi; both text and video recipes. This time around we come to you with another Sabudana (Sago) recipe; Sabudana Tikki (Sago cutlets). Both the Khichdi and this Sabudana Tikki are very nice when served with Yogurt. We prepare the Tikki by mixing the Sago […]


Sabudana Khichdi-Navratri Recipe

Navratri is always a very special fasting period. Not just because of the auspicious nature of these days but also because of the feelings involved, we thought to create a menu just apt for the occasion. Sabudana Khichdi (Sago cooked with potatoes) are the first in line. We hope you will like this recipe for […]


Holi Special Papdi

Papdi or crispy puri is a special delicacy in north India, made with split black lentils flour and gram flour, a quick snack for your unexpected guest and a must have festive item in your festival. Papdi is not easy to make but when tasting time have come I have forgotten all my effort to […]


Holi Special Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhalla, whatever the name you call it, is famous in whole India. These vadas are made with yellow lentils and green lentils and accompanied with yogurt and an instant tangy and sweet sauce.    Dahi Vada is one of the famous festive item in every Indian home. These are made with […]


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