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Flavour Basket™ Menu : Order Online

Flavour Basket Menu

Here is the Flavour Basket™ Menu of the items we deliver. In case you would like to order something please make your selection from the list displayed below and then you can order using any of the options below:

  1. Visit our micro shop site (Flavour Basket Shop) and order online what-ever you like and how much you like.
  2. Call and let us know about your order details on # (+91)-9871591888
  3. Send us a Watsapp message on our number # (+91)-9871591888
  4. Drop us an email on our id and we will get back to you: shrutishrivastava@flavourbasket.com

Don’t miss out on our other services mentioned on Flavour Basket™ Menu 2nd page below. The mini sweet table for example could be just the perfect thing for your next hosted party. Take time on deciding on your items and keep a note that we also do assorted items basket to be gifted to your loved ones on special occasions.

If you would like to see how the recipes are made, please feel free to visit Flavour Basket YouTube channel.

Please note that we take orders 2 days in advance and that we currently only deliver in Noida !! You can see full list of our Terms and Conditions plus FAQs for more.


Looking to order an eggless, home made fresh Cake or a full Sweet Table? Message us on 9871591888 Dismiss

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