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Eggless Orange Cake

Eggless Orange Cake- Topped with Cinnamon orange Syrup

Orange is the happiest colour.  Frank Sinatra Oranges made my day.This cake has everything going for it: a great texture, a sweet, orangey aroma, and wonderful flavor. I think I should name it sunny orange cake as it was shining like the sun.I like to play with different flavours so I give this cake a […]


Kala Chana Tokri Chaat

Flavour Basket would ultimately need a signature recipe with an item depicting the basket with a lot of flavours in it. How about some flavours with potatoes in it? Sounds the first option, right? Potato is the first vegetable that comes to mind when you think about any chaat recipe that could be a good […]

Spinach Potato Tikki

Spinach Potato Tikki-Stuffed With Hung Curd

Last week turned into a new recipe week. Getting bored with the different flavours isn’t possible, considering that there are so many combinations you could make with the flavours. But then creating new combinations is fun; isn’t that exciting? Little bit of twist and it turned out to be a snack item that your family […]

Dahi Vada Chaat

Dahi Vada Chaat

Dahi vada chaat…it sounds highly pleasing to the senses for everyone and for me too…but somewhere for me its impossible to make whenever I thought to make it.But last month it crawled in my mind so I decided to take a chance as some relatives were coming for Holi celebrations and I think it perfectly teamed with […]


Be it that quick evening snack for your naughty kiddo, that Sunday afternoon request from your husband or a quick kitty party with your chirpy group not that we will leave out those unplanned visits from your relatives. I hope I will be able to make the best out of your time you plan to give this blog.

Finally ready and excited !!

  • Yummy treats

    Yummy treats

Mouth Watering Treats

Holi special chocolate gujiya

Holi Special Chocolate Loaded Gujiya

Chocolate Loaded Gujiya is a pastry, filled with some dry fruits and thickened milk, giving it a twist with some dark and white chocolate and is best for Holi celebration. Holi…Festival of colors and cuisines…reminds me days of my childhood when my mother were used to make gujiyas for all the family members and I just wait couple […]

Chocolate Cake Platted

Eggless Chocolate Cake

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.”  ― Jo Brand What can be better than a chocolate for my debut blog as it starts with a chocolate cake. Chocolate always has a nice, romantic feel to it, and nobody wants to miss out on anything chocolaty. Having a chocolate cake with a nice cup of coffee […]


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