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Rajasthani Pyaz ki Kachauri


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Looking for some traditional, crispy and munchy snack for your tea times? Why not try the very famous Rajasthani Pyaz ki Kachauri. They have a crunchy outer layer that blends on a bite into the onion mixture core that you just gonna love.

This snack is prepared in a very traditional style and only when the order is received by us. As we don’t keep any items prepared before hand and all items are prepared and delivered fresh. No preservatives are used in preparation in any of our items.



Order Rajasthani Pyaz ki Kachauri from Flavour Basket

Order Rajasthani Pyaz ki Kachauri from Flavour Basket

Morning chai and some crispy snack. Perfect idea for a wonderful morning or evening with your loved ones as well as with friends to take a well deserved break. Rajasthani Pyaz ki Kachauri is the perfect morning and evening tea time snack item. Perfect crisp layer from outside with a tasty core of onion mixture from inside to make your tea time that much more fun!

The snack is best enjoyed with some homemade chutney that has a tangy taste to it. If you need this prepared then here is a Flavour Basket recipe that we put together for you. If you need this delivered with the instant khatti mithi chutney then pls do let us know while you place the order for the kachauri !

The recipe is prepared at home and no preservatives are added. Please order at least 1 day in advance as we don’t keep items beforehand and all our orders are prepared fresh once we receive your order. Interested to look at how we prepare this recipe? Please have a look at Pyaz ki Kachauri Recipe on Flavour Basket YouTube Channel !

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