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Sweet Table – Order Yours Today

Being a host is a difficult task irrespective of the number of the guests and the scale of the party. At Flavour Basket we understand how painful it could be to make all the arrangements for that perfect welcome to your loved ones; family and friends alike. This is where comes the Sweet Table !! Which is […]


Half and Half Choco Fruity Cake

Half and Half Chocolate Fruity Cake….A double variety treat where two different exotic flavours, chocolate and fruit, come together to delight your taste buds. Order this recipe online from Flavour Basket I am treating me and my family (specially my daughter) with this double flavored Half and Half Chocolate Fruity Cake as my cute little princess (I […]


Chocolaty Coffee Cup Cakes Recipe-Kids Special

Kids Special-Chocolaty Coffee Cup Cakes Creating recipes is always fun, and if it’s for kids it’s that much more special. So what works best for your kids when they are not in a mood to eat anything? A few things, right? How about chocolate :). It works, always works. At least with me it always has. […]


Chocolate Mousse Ganache Cake

Chocolate Mousse Ganache Cake is intensely chocolate , rich and moist gourmet creation. This elegant 3 layer cake is, the soul of every special occasion that calls for a cake, loaded with super easy mousse filling and topped with ganache. Preparation Time – 20 Mins Cooking Time – 10 Mins Setting Time – 2 Hrs Serves 5 to 6 people Chocolate […]


Eggless Chocolate Cake

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.”  ― Jo Brand What can be better than a chocolate for my debut blog as it starts with a chocolate cake. Chocolate always has a nice, romantic feel to it, and nobody wants to miss out on anything chocolaty. Having a chocolate cake with a nice cup of coffee […]


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