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Balushahi Recipe For all Festivals

Balushahi is an Indian Dessert similar to glazed doughnut made with all purpose flour, yogurt and baking soda and dipped into sugar syrup.   Balushahi is perfect for any festive season, and easy to make just make them with love. Follow the recipe to have a crunchy item coming to your plate to make your […]


How To Make Perfect Paneer Jalebi For This Diwali

Paneer Jalebi or Chhena Jalebi is a sweet dish, made with basic ingredient fresh cottage cheese called Chhena and is a another variation of regular Jalebis but It has its own different taste.  Order this recipe online on Flavour Basket shop With Diwali just around the corner there is lot to be excited when it comes to […]


Green Moong Dal Laddoo(Sugar Free)

Green Moong Dal Laddoo(Sugar Free), made with green split lentil and milk solids, is good for everyone as it has the great flavour of lentil and milk together and its up to your taste that sugar should be added or not in it. Preparation Time – 10 mins Cooking Time – 40 Mins Makes 18 Laddoo   […]


Spice It Up With Flavours

Be it that quick evening snack for your naughty kiddo, that Sunday afternoon request from your husband or a quick kitty party with your chirpy group not that we will leave out those unplanned visits from your relatives. I hope I will be able to make the best out of your time you plan to give this […]


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