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Low-Key Valentine Day Celebration – Totally Cool And Romantic !!

Hope you had fun time reading my last post here around the world cup same time last year on how to win remote from your wife on an important match day. If you noticed I mentioned I will post another read on the second most important day; which is Valentine’ day and so here I am. For those feeling the love in the air (and thinking about Valentine Day Celebration ), I hope I will be able to make this a good time for you and for others; well have a good read!

I hope this time around will be a little easy as we are not going around fighting for something (read remote).  But not that easy. Its not a piece of cake trying to please a girl especially on a special day like this. Let see on how we gonna get started on this. 14th this year is going to be a Sunday so that’ a good start. It means you wont need to worry about office and can concentrate better on planning this day out. If you are someone who prefers to start the chores in the morning; you may wish you scroll down to the second part or wait a little as we just go through the part for those who like to start celebrating at the tick of 12. So lets start the plan for your Valentine Day Celebration !!

Low-Key Valentine Day Celebration – Totally Cool And Romantic !!

The best thing to start with is always sweet and since we are talking about the 12am in the night you would probably want to go a little light on the taste as well as your beloved’ tummy. The best thing I could think of is Chocolates; and you will bet girls love them to death. You could accompany them with a nice cup of coffee but I will leave that part to your wish. And since we talk about a special start to the day; the chocolates need to be special as well. You can order either the Home made chocolates or if you need a little more there will be the option for Assorted Chocolate Truffle as well.

Home Made Choc

Home Made Chocolates

order eggless choco truffle from Flavour Basket

Assorted Chocolate Truffles

The pics look yummy, don’t they? So your start should fit very nicely in your pocket for around 200. Even if you want to accompany them with a couple of roses I think it should be a nice and light start but I would rather keep the flowers for the morning. Flowers somehow seem to make more sense the first thing in the morning; especially when she finds it besides her side of bed as she wakes up 🙂

The Morning Session – Part I (approx Rs. 270/-)

With the night already made sweet and well taken care of you should be well set for a nice morning session. Put an alarm to make sure you get up early and especially before her. Waking up the Princess is a tough ask so make sure your preparations are all in a quiet manner to not disturb the lady. Flowers should be right beside her side on the bed. Do’t go for a full bouquet, rather choose a couple or at max four Roses. Normally for the scene a couple should be just perfect.

Tea or coffee depends on what see normally prefers right up in the morning. So I leave that choice up to you. Like the night before mornings need to be gentle as well, so don’t try for any heavy dessert/item. And since we already used the Chocolates charm in the night, the idea would be not to repeat it but rather choose a nice fitting alternative. From the desserts list try either the Chocolate Rose Cup Cake or the Valentine Red Velvet Cup Cakes.

Order Chocolate Rose Cup Cake by Flavour Basket

Chocolate Rose Cup Cake by Flavour Basket

order valentine red velvet cup cake from Flavour Basket

Valentine Red Velvet Cup Cake from Flavour Basket

The Morning Session – Part II (approx Rs. 100/-)

Seems a nice progress till now. So while she freshens up just make sure you put all the energy behind yourself making the breakfast table look perfect. And since we already did a couple of desserts charisma; lets focus a little on the other items to change the taste a bit.

The hot drink should at this point give way to a nice glass of fresh fruit juice. Orange would be my idea but you know your lady better so again I leave this part to you. If you think the flowers that we used in waking her up did their trick; the breakfast table could do well to be decorated with some Chrysanthemums or Orchids or Lilies. Choice is yours depending on what she would like best. My 2 cents: choose blue lilies. They seem to remind the girls about the wedding and that should be your trump card for the rest of the day to follow.

Keep it subtle and don’t overdo it!!

For the main items on the table, I would prefer some street food like platting. Just to give her a surprise. And for that the Potli Samosa or the Rajasthani Pyaz ki Kachauri would do just fine!! Not to mention the tangy taste of the chutney to accompany with it.

Order Potli Samosas from Flavour Basket

Potli Samosas from Flavour Basket

Rajasthani Pyaz ki Kachauri

Rajasthani Pyaz ki Kachauri

The Afternoon

The day should be a mix of in house time and time spent outdoors. So while my suggestions on the food items are likely to make sure to be light on your pocket, choose the outing to let her do some shopping, eat out and roam around with you.

The Evening

In case you are looking to stay indoors in the afternoon time and do the outing in evening; just swap these two sections here. We plan on keeping the cake for the finale so just make sure to have some appetite left in case you are out in the evening.

The dusk is the most romantic period of the day. If you have a terrace, a balcony or a window to sit by nicely; make that a cozy place and spend sometime talking about whatever you may like. Girls love to talk and that’s a universal truth (no pun intended). The day would be that much more memorable if you spend a couple hours just on this note. The weather during this time of the year is, well, romantic enough and the sky should do the trick as well.

Once you start to think of the dinner time, there is this appetizer that should be a really good start. Ginger Chili Mushroom Fry in this weather and mood should just be the apt start to dinner time.

Ginger chili mushroom fry

Ginger Chili Mushroom from Flavour Basket

Candle light dinners are still in fashion, but I suggest to wait for a little longer for this set and we will come back to it in a while.

If you are a cook buff and would like to impress her with your cooking there is an option for this nice Stuffed Tomato with Paneer recipe from Flavour Basket. They have this step by step YouTube video recipe for you to follow easily. And like I suggested previously as well; rumali roti would be the best fit with this dish.

Perfect Finish

Done with the dinner? Let her still be surprised and guessing on what you are up to next. There are chances that she was at this point searching for a candle light table setup. The idea is not to disappoint her of course. But let her do some guess work for a while and try to have her engaged in some other activity. TV at this point could serve a good distraction.

While she is a little busy you head on to decorate that candle light setup on your terrace (or whatever place seems fit based on your location). The hero of this table would be a Valentine special cake. Plenty of options to choose from as I detail them below. Don’t forget to include a flower bouquet on this dessert special table. My suggestion would be orchids this time; but as I hinted before do take into considerations her likes. Apart, a special gift of your choice would be an added advantage 🙂

Heart of Love Cake (Rs. 550/- per half kg)

Its a chocolate cake at the core (but you can choose from a variety of flavors) that’s given the shape of a heart and covered on top with an edible fondant. The bow wrap just puts the icing on the gift cake.

order valentine heart of love cake from Flavour Basket

order valentine heart of love cake from Flavour Basket

Valentine Special Heart Shaped Rose Cake (Rs. 450/- per half kg)

Again a chocolate flavor is the most preferred one in this cake as well but you can choose from other flavors as well. The cake is covered in a cream and then topped with the cream roses. the heart shape takes all the attention here and is perfect for this occasion.

Heart Shaped Rose Cake

Heart Shaped Rose Cake

Eggless Tiramisu Cake (Rs. 600/- for Half Kg)

In case you are a little bored from the usual cakes, there is an option of this Italian cake in its eggless avatar. What you see here in the pic is the Cake shots version but the same is available in a cake form as well. This is a good choice if you want to surprise her with a dessert that you don’t normally get to eat in any parties.

Order Tiramisu Cake from Flavour Basket

Tiramisu Cake

Cinnamon Rolls Bouquet (Rs. 540/- per Bouquet)

Not a cake as such but I include it here for just the look of it for a start. As the name suggests its a bouquet of 12 rolls that are fluffy and crunchy from the outside and yummilicious from the core. Like Tiramisu its once again a wonderful option if you would like to move away from the normal cake options.

Order Cinnamon Rolls from Flavour Basket

Order Cinnamon Rolls from Flavour Basket

Other Dessert and Cake Options?

There are plenty others that would let you take your pick for your idea on how to impress her as you end the day. Flavour Basket’ Valentine list of Items has all what you need. Head over to that page and create your own Valentine day Order.

Valentine Day Celebration

Valentine Desserts From Flavour Basket

Small Budget Maximum Fun 🙂

So while I don’t guarantee what your pocket will have to go thru in the session when you let your lady shop during the day, the arrangements that I suggested around will cost you approximate Rs. 2,000/- only (all inclusive). Which should leave enough for your to plan other things easily for this special person in your life. She would be happy to be out of the kitchen on a Sunday and while it doesn’t hurt your credit card bills; it should end up being a win-win situation!! Have a lovely Valentine day this year and hope you will be able to spend some good quality time with your beloved.

So whats Your Valentine Day Celebration Plan? Do let me know in the comments section below if this plan worked for you or weather there was something else you followed that worked!!